Administration fee (one time)
€ 0
CBR practical driving exam
€ 265
Trial lesson (mits je de opleiding bij ons afrondt)
€ 0
RIS-Book (Rijopleiding in stappen/one time)
€ 25
Single lesson of 60 minutes
€ 58
TTT (tussentijdse toets)
€ 225
€ 295
CBR-performance anxiety exam
€ 295
1 hour
€ 58
10 hour
€ 570
15 hour
€ 850
20 hour
€ 1140
30 hour
€ 1695
Crash courses (Possible to pay in 2 installments)
Package A: 30 hour + RIS Book + TTT + Exam
€ 2210
Package B: 35 hour + RIS Book + TTT + Exam
€ 2490
Package C: 40 hour + RIS Book + TTT + Exam
€ 2775
Lesson times
Working or studying? Our driving lessons start at 07:00 so you don’t have to change arrangements and you will be dropped off in whatever area you want. On weekdays, classes are available between 07:00 and 18:00 and on Saturdays from 08:00 till 14:00.
A lesson hour is always 60 minutes. It is possible to pay per lesson or take a package. With a trial lesson I can estimate how many driving lessons you may need to pass your exam. For your driver’s license, you must first get your theoretical certificate and then do your practical exam. Your theory exam must be applied for on the CBR website. We can also plan it for you, which will cost €45.
Nervous for your practical exam? With an interim test (TTT), you might release some pressure. You will already complete your special manoeuvres, such as stopping on command, the parking assignment, and the reversal assignment. If you pass this, you will not have to do those assignments during your practical exam. Note: You must already have obtained a theoretical certificate for the interim test.
If you are really afraid that your performance during the practical exam is not going to be great, then it’s possible to complete a performance anxiety exam. Of course you will still have to drive well, however you get a little extra time and you have the opportunity for a ‘time out’. If you fail your practical exam 4 times you will automatically be awarded a BNOR exam (Bureau Nader Onderzoek Rijvaardigheid), also called a state examination.
Free trial lesson
Sign up now for a free trial lesson. You will receive appropriate lesson advice, so that you know in advance how many lessons you need to get your driver's license. The trial lesson is only free if you complete the driving course with us, otherwise € 58 will be charged.