Teaching with Experience
After I obtained my instructor certificate in 2002, I worked at a renowned driving school in Utrecht. There I gained almost eleven years of experience and supplied many candidates with skills and confidence to succeed. The results of my driving lessons were so positive that I decided to set up my own driving school.
All these years of experience have taught me that driving lessons can be better and cheaper. Quality does not have to be expensive. Due to the passion for my work, I have developed my own style of teaching. This did not only appeal to my students, but also to the CBR, where I gained very respectable results. For example, during my application exam I achieved 101 out of 102 points for the right way of teaching.
Near and Flexible
Durmus Dag Driving School is located in Vleuten, and the students come from surrounding areas such as Utrecht, Maarssen, de Meern, Breukelen, Leidsche Rijn, IJsselstein, Houten, Vianen, Bunnik, Groenekan, Maartensdijk en Nieuwegein. For each lesson I will pick you up where you find most convenient: at home, at work, at your study or at the train station. And of course, you’ll be dropped off wherever you want.
The lesson times are also very flexible. The lessons start early, so you have the opportunity to take a lesson before your work/study starts. And if you discuss the schedule with me on time, you’ll have a lot of free choice in deciding the moment of your lesson.
2 to DRIVE
A driving license at 17 years old? This is possible nowadays and is very convenient. From the moment you are 16.5 years old you can start taking driving lessons and already take your practical exam on the day of your 17th birthday. Until you’re 18 years old you may only drive under the guidance of someone with a valid driving license.